Relevance Of Culture Studies

At the dawn of twenty Century  starting with the intellectual campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte Egypt.  French anthropologists shed lights on a critical aspect of dominating people. Gardner  (1962) States 《when Portuguese colonized, they built churches, when British colonized, they built trading station, when French colonized they built schools》(Gardner, 1962;

Upon this mentality French imperialism invaded numerous African States  for the purpose of re-establishing a new regime based on mercantilism that serve the French hopes.  Marçais, Gardner, Levi Strauss have pointed era of revealing the secrets of developing states of Africa.  Anthropologist addresses to decision-makers the conflict of language between Arab and Tamazigh as an example of Morocco.  French lunched  the  Dahir Berber in 1931 to isolate Amazigh territories from Arab ones –  which stand for Fasis rebellions of the time at Independence Party.

In that way French learnt  Moroccan behaviours from studies they have done. Consequently cultural studies has taken a huge Parts in trade life through marketing that targeting a human around the globe.  simple rule evolved to get the sympathy and the familiarity of giving the nation you ought to speak so as to address them with their language – their eyes.

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