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Expectations of Ep 4 Game of Thrones season 8

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I ‘ll start from s7, the capture of a wight as proof to Cersei: There was no need for Benjen to get killed off, the situation Jon was in was so dire that he should have wished intensely that a dragon would scoop him up as dragon did for his team, then Rhaegal sensing Jon’s call turns away from Dany causing her to circle back to see what, only to observe the obvious Jon bonding and riding Rhaegal causing her to wonder why that was (the first sign that Jon was more than meets the eye)…

Season 8

Episode 1:
Bran sees a vision of a woman and a man lighting up a sword, the rest of the ep1 scene happens then just before ep1 ends Mel shows up (end of ep1)

Episode 2:
Mel tells Davos not to execute her that before the fight is over that she’ll be dead, Bran also assures Davos of her usefulness in the war to come, then Mel narrates the story of Nissa Nissa TPTWP and the past long night, and that a woman will have to give her life for the realm, the realm that she loves, Davos rages remembering her falsehood about Stannis and Shireen, Mels says “a sacrifice is prepared already”. Jon leaves the room and heads for the Crypts where Danny walks up to him to find out why he has been acting strange Jon tells her Mel’s crime and finally what SAM discovered concerning his parentage (everything as in that scene happens) then an alarm sounds alerting them of the arrival of the brothers from the NW, as the episode progresses (Beric Dondarion learns of Jon’s parentage from Bran who asks that it be kept a secret and seeing Jon ride Rhaegal Beric hands him his sword, tells him that anytime he Beric is in trouble he prays the sword and it lights up (people think it’s a trick he says to Jon but I just pray the sword to run my hands on the blade and it lights) both finds it amusing then Jon accepts the sword, which Is different from valerian steel but warm when you feel the blades, Beric prays it serves Jon better than it has him on all his battles even killing wights with it.. Jon receives it and practices his swing.. hours later another alarm sounds warning of a lone WW on a horse, Bran tells them that he’s friendly, it’s Benjen, they exchange pleasantries just before they were done exchanging pleasantries with Benjen, Gendry is seen receiving instruction from Mel on what to do with Jon’s new sword it needs a bit of tempering, more horn sounds, it’s the NK and his army(Ep2 ends)…

Episode 3:
Benjen tries helping guide bran to warg into Viserion to stair him to dismount the NK, he tries but gets blocked off by the NK, Benjen encourages him to try harder, he continues. Another scene shows Mel chanting prayers, let’s out a loud scream as the tempering was going on, apologizes to Davos for Shireen and Stannis then pays the ultimate price, she speaks her essence into the molten sword then her flame goes off, the ruby on her necklace cracks Mel ages instantly and dies, Lightbringer is reborn, the entire room is silent, even Davos is confounded, he’s neither angry nor sad just confounded!

Another alarm sounds on the imminent attack from the NK’s army, Jon kisses Mel’s old lifeless body and leaves with his blade in its sheath heavy hearted… Jon flies off with Dany to view the war from a vantage point (as is in the series)… Another scene shows Beric pray the god of light (as he does to his blade) then the Orac’s of the Dothrakis lights up when they attack… The Dothraki are wiped out (as seen on the show) Dany wants to fly off to assist Jon reminds her that the priority was the NK whose whereabouts was unknown, she eventually flies off to help, Jon follows but stopped after few hits to search the NK…

Bran wargs into ravens to seek out the NKs new location as he lost him after he was blocked off initially, Bran eventually finds him in the thick mist and causes the ravens to very squirk loudly alerting Jon who then catches a glimpse of the NK and pursues after him, mid air Viserion fights Rhaegal, NK tries to take out Jon then Benjen holds Bran and says you can do it, finally success, the battle with Jon distracted the NK and Bran wargs into Viserion causing him to scream and shake uncontrollably, Rhaegal being free from viserion grip bites harder and rips off Viserion’s Jaw then the NK loses his grip and falls off (Bran wags off), dany burns the NK as seen on the show but to no effect, Rhaegal crash lands as seen on the show but Jon escapes unharmed, on foot he sees the NK survive danys fire then he pursues him on foot, the NK turns, seeing he’s a bit far from Jon tries raising the dead, Jon realizes and runs faster after him forcing the NK to abandon his enchantment to defend him self, both square off…. ep3 ends….

Episode 4:
We see Benjen, Beric, and Arya fighting the WW brothers, Arya kills 1 likewise Beric, Benjen kills one too but is gravely injured… we see the death of Ed, Podrick, Jorah, Lyanna, 80% of the Unsullied, 98% of the Dothraki, 80% of the Northern soldiers, 80% of the vale forces…. another WW tries to raise his hands it quickly gets taken down by Arya, another WW is too busy fighting the Northmen armed with valerian steel and dragon glass no time to raise the dead…

Back to Jon and the NK. Jon is enraged remembering all the dead at the hands of the WW army, as he reaches his sheath to pull out his sword the rage lights up LB, the NK sees this smirks and pulls out his ice spear both spear and blade meet each other, LB fueled by Jon’s rage shatters the Ice spear, the NK punches Jon turns and pulls out his ice blade, both blades meet, both survives letting out a ringing sound heard 40feet away, this dance goes on for some time, the NK is a well-skilled warrior, Jon is no less, BUT the more they parry the more Jon’s rage heightens, a couple of wights try to fight Jon, he turns, filled with rage and WITH A HEAVY SWING OF HIS SWORD AT THE WIGHTS THEY ALL BURST INTO FLAMES (about 10 of them), he stabs the ground the remainder of the wights (about 6 in number) attacking him goes up in flames! As Jon turns the NKs blade was coming for his head he ducks returns the favor the NK blocks the strike with his ice blade, Jon strikes him repeatedly over and Over and OVEr and OVER the Night King defends all with his ice blade!!!! The more Jon strikes the more his rage increases as he remembers all that died protecting Winterfell in the battle, Bran wargs into Rhaegal and comes to Jon’s defense as more wights are trying to get involved. Jon continues hammering the NK while Rhaegal burns the wights then Jon lets out a VERY LOUD SCREAM HITS THE NK KINGS ICE BLADE, LB breaks into 2 AND THE ICE BLADE SHATTERS, Jon then stabs the NK with the handle half of the broken LB then the Night King freezes and shatters!! So does all the WW he turned!!!!

Ed, Podrick, Jorah, Lyanna, 80% of the Unsullied, 98% of the Dothraki, 80% of the Northern soldiers, 80% of the vale forces, Beric Dondarion, Benjen, asks to be unmade that he may rest with his family in the crypt of Winterfell, he communes with Bran then Bran unmakes him. Episode 4 ends…

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