Slow Cardio Is Important Too

Slow Cardio Is Important Too

How to Burn Belly Fat: Best ways Fitness Model Secrets to Burn Belly Fat, Lose Weight then Get Lean, and Build a Rock-Solid body and Spirit.

Slow Cardio Is Important Too:

Slow cardio gets bashed for being useless, burning up muscle, and causing injury, but that’s not 100% accurate. Personally speaking, Selling high-intensity workouts is familiar for people are who make money.

Slow Cardio Is Important Too
Slow Cardio Is Important Too

In fact high-intensity training is not available for all people, especially if you are overweighted or you have not practice for a long time. Can you think about fat person practicing Burpees jumping squats or hard run? I certainly can’t. Yes, HIIT and sprints are usefull for fat loss and retaining muscle, but they’re better suited for those how are at 20 % bodyfat or below.

For people with more fat on their bodies, they will get much better results (with less pain) by eating at a 15%-20% calorie deficit, doing resistance training to maintain muscle mass, and doing slow cardio to assist in burning more calories.

Doing Slow cardio on a treadmill in a fasted state is a real staple of burning fat. this is the reason why the body oxidizes fat when you move at a certain pace for a certain duration.

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Action Steps:

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Take long walks on hilly terrain or sand
  • Walk on a treadmill at a 5 – 10% incline
  • Discover regions riding bike rides outside (or use an exercise bike)

At the end of the day, cardio does not burn that much fat. Running an entire marathon (26.2 miles) only burns about 2400 calories. For perspective, one pound of fat is 3501 calories. So you won’t even burn a pound of fat by running for one month all along or a marathon!

The point is that you will lose weight by being in a calorie deficit and will maintain muscle by doing resistance training. This how slow cardio becomes a tool to assist burn fat and recover from workouts’ quality and balance blood flow.

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