Storm caused death of two children Dallas

Storm caused death of two children Dallas

An epic storm in the region of texas maintains several huge tornadoes causing immense damage at level of houses in towns. The local authorities claimed that storm has finished the life of two small children on satureday.

Precisely speaking about the storm and furiois winds , a boy of 3 years old and the other of 8years were victims of a fallen tree on the car in the back yard of house, The Angelina County Sheriff’s Office spoke. While the other Captain, Alton Lenderman uttered, their parents are safe by chance because they were seating at the front seats of car.

Lufkin town located near of Houston about 115 miles.

Tornado of Saturday has also spoiled mobile houses causing massive damage over local residence yet tornado didn’t take any one’s life. This Intels are taken from centeral Texas by Robertson County Sheriff Gerald Yezak.

Franklin is located about 125 miles south of Dallas.

Reports of The National Weather Service unvealed that Tornado reached EF-3 while winds were of 140 mph. surveys are conducted to collect more informations about the damage occurred in the regions in the coming few days.

Nearly two persons had been moved to local hospital though Their injures are not serious. Authorities decided to move inhabitants as precaution. Other ordinary injuries were healed at the same place.

According to Weather service meteorologist Monique Sellers calls entered asked for the help for the transportation of the fallen trees in the state as well as the reconstruction of damaged houses.

Southern united stas are well-known of Storms. They included in thr system of the region. The weather service reported that the natural system around may witnessed a shift of the same system toward Ohio valley starting from sunday.

Many businesses have stopped as well as means of transportation were spoiled in the region of Vicksburg, Mississippi but good news no injuries were recorded up to now, stated meteorologist John Moore.

Texas again nothing can make worse inhabitants there as winds. Cherokee County revealed that winds ran about 60 Mph around causing damage to all kinds of materials on the ground such as cars and buildings and luckily no harm for human beings. This happened far from Houston in town called Alto about 140 miles.

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