Story of Human languages: French and English expressions


I am named Abdelaziz Ilidrissi. I am really glad to have you here. You probably heard a lot about the lovely language in Europe. How many country around the globe use French as their popular tongue in the daily life. You could imagine that speaking in English offer you a vast vision about the diversity existed in our earth. Nevertheless could you know about the history of some nations such as countries in Europe; France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland.

I am a geek of English culture and language since it allow me to discover united states knowing about Benjamin Franklin gorge Kennedy the history of the first second amendement . I love this revolutionizing thoughts which united states built on since 1789, the independence day that stand up again for the French revolution with Montesquieu Diderot and john jack Rousseau. Do you know about this great men.

Do you know these people?

I assure you that the story of these philosophers is full of adventure about the oppression of the church the symbole of dominant god ( the absolut monarchy) Bloody battle revealed an image, brillant one, of recent time of today.

French revolution resulted the decision of respecting humain rights and the liberal economic in October 1789. This leads to  certain consequences affect directly the mentality of Europien people. By the way these thoughts started with Renaissance ( enlightening ideas ). Oh! I love their principe of seeking life toward a better future. Take the power from god and give it to humain considering it the only sacred creature who deserve to be cherished.

Sorry!! I forget myself while i am telling you historical facts in French and Europe culture but believe it does matter our conscience of humanity.

So letting you discover how i think about French and English culture stopped here however i offer you an adventure of learning French and history of Europe and that won’t be able if we didn’t provide sacrifies of learning French.

The result is to reveal humain diversity starting from French language. In this way, we preserve the pluralism of languages as so as the continuum of handful of languages which are going to fade in coming years about 20 or 15 years in the future.

I would like to tell you about my life which i consider it an adventure of learning multi language. First i have learned English beside i have achieved Bachelor in English literature. I can tell you how i have been grateful of knowledge i got through the period is like a dream a travel in space of different personality which deteriorate the orientation of humanity either for good or bad yet it give an impression a bird who flies not only about countries, nations or culture but timing. Understanding the meaning of time to feel to touch with your heart maintain the sens of gluttony to read more to grab more knowledge. Languages are the keys to sift human experiences no doubt about it.

    € – French and English structure SVO

Well honey this Blog is yours from now on, if you decide to follow the given adventure of learning French be sure of these subtitles I am going to write the following points. I prefer to uncover the different between two language that stand for the source language and the target language and the shared point in structure and syntaxe. For example French and English both share the entitled predicat subject or the bref word ” SVO” : John writes letter and french John écrit la lettre. This is simply a view about the grammatical structure which constructed of subject verbe and object. In the other hold we can differentiate that French characterized by articles ( une, un, la, le ), and so in.

Story of Human languages: French and English expressions
Story of Human languages: French and English expressions

   € – The phonetic differences between French and English languages.

I am going to be simple and to the point feel free and calme. Now, I am going to offer you a very critical aspects of French grammar in which you can distinct between the role of words withing sentences.

My request is the following :
 Find the categories of words existed in these speech,
Jona works in super market. It locates in south of Miami downtown. Jona loves a guy. This guy called Joseph. She likes to hang out with him in free time. She kisses him whenever she has a chance. She likes to enjoy chatting in lunch.

This was the story of Jona.
Let’s have it in French,

Jona travaille au super marché. Il se trouve a l’ouest de Miami centre. Jona aime un homme. Cet homme s’appelle Joseph. Elle aime sortir avec lui lors de repot. Elle l’embrasse lors qu elle a l’occasion. Elle amuse bien parler au déjeuner.

Now check both of these paragraph try to constate the differences between words, structure and syntaxe.
I am sure that you find the text familiar to you. Be confident that half of English vocabulary you can use to express in French you only need a simple trick concerning phonetics. Sounds of words changes in french for exemple.

Rupture / ˈrʌptʃə /
la rupture / ʁyp.tyʁ /

This word has the identical meaning and sens in both languages French and English the only difference is how we pronounce it and is too simple we have enough time to excel our new magnificent language French.

Life offers cheerful experiences

My beloved guest i am very happy to share with you these ideas i hope see you soon in coming articles about learning FRENCH Language.

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