Strongest Heroes on Avengers: Endgame

Strongest Hero of Marvel Comics Universe

I decided to do my own list of the physically strongest heroes including Loki and I put some effort into making a rough estimate as I classified Marvel Heroes. 
Don’t hesitate to write a comment on this post. Let’s start. In all due respect to the original Marvel Heroes, I  Shall confess. My list would be: Disclaimer I am considering each hero at their physically or robotically assisted strongest this will vary according to changes such as a change in armor and which point at a time as their strength fluctuates.


3.captain marvel (no offense to captain marvel but I don’t see her super-powered strength as good as the above two but she would be higher superpower wise)
4.iron man (in hulk buster) 
5.captain America 
8.antman/giant man 
10.war machine 
11.spiderman panther 
15.winter soldier 
16.loki strange (except for any possible spells that would give him strength)
19.falcon widow 
21.quicksilver (his punches would generally feel like super strength but it’s more of a law of physics on hitting someone at super speeds as anyone’s punch at that speed would) lord 
23.scarlet witch 

I’m going off the cinematic universe and my own large fan of superheroes rough estimate I didn’t take any consideration for any superpowers other than physical strength and didn’t add any heroes or villains that aren’t in any already released movies as no one knows their physical limits yet aside from the ones making it as they could be different than the comics

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