Tate: MM Gay Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Young, Hot, Talented, Hollywood Actor Seen Canoodling With Former Hollywood Actress Bodyguard – Could This Be Love? Or Another Dirty Secret?

Fans of May Archer, Sue Brown, and Lily Morton will love this brand new M/M series by D. Alex!

Trouble seemed to follow me wherever I went.
It didn’t matter the place. I always drew the wrong kind of attention.
A scandal involving my ex drew the paparazzi to me like wannabe rappers to a bottle of Hennessy. Surrounded by flashing lights and crazed reporters seems like fun from the outside.
But when you live it day in and day out it gets old, fast.
An escape was what I needed the most but I never expected that I would find it in Magnolia Grove.
I certainly didn’t think I would escape from the paparazzi to crawl into bed with a man.

If you love: low angst enemies to lovers romances (light on the enemies part), bodyguard and celebrity hookups, hot sex scenes, romcom, low angst, and happy endings without cliffhangers, then you’ll love this book!

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