Taylor Swift – Without Solution Lyrics, Song, MP3 Download

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Will I fit in your heart?
All times wasted without you
Love without the very heart
Wasted no reason
All the same feelings without feeling

Dealing with time I cried
In the time that I built inside me
The days in which we plan
Without control fear
In that get lost inside of me

The way it came
I have not forgotten the same day
All the words that I said
As if being dead
But here I am sinking

I’m dying again
Come and put your portion about me
I’m more than ready
After all this time
Sinking and wasting my life

All the time I pretend you
Telling me that I felt very well
All credits when I donated
All feelings exhausted

You become part of my life
So quickly that neither I realize
Taught me the mysteries of life
Now, I’m just being
Do not worry about me, love

All times lasting
Now, do not spend a second
Thanks for being in my life
All those nights we spent together
In search of dreams

It seems that everything is a nightmare
You were always on my side
When needed you most
You took care of me
Even with so many troubles

I’m bankrupt in his love
What had just
More in one place
Now I’m no solution
Now I’m no solution
Now I’m no solution

His overwhelming love got me like
Falling into their trap
Now I’m no solution
Now I’m no solution
Now I’m no solution

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