The Little Things We Miss

(Formerly titled Where The Wheat Blows/ What He Didn’t See)

One Man. One Woman. One Marriage. And a plan to destroy it all.

The Second World War may be over, but for Katherine Thompson, other battles are only beginning. When she marries Robert, the only man she has ever loved, her life changes forever. She finds herself living the perfect dream with the perfect man. A man she loves completely and in return loves her just the same, or so she believes. However, Robert has another love deep in his bones and forbidden secrets stirring in his soul. An obsessive calling claims his past while a dangerous woman reaches for his future, and only one person lies in the way. And so a plan is born, targeting a marriage and promising the fulfillment of dark desires. But will this plan hatched in the heart of greed trump this couple’s vows, or will their love be strong enough to save them all?

The Little Things We Miss is a poignant love story that grabs the heart and changes the soul. It is a journey that resonates at the core of the human spirit, reminding us all of the priceless treasures nestled at the center of our every choice.

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