The starks are winning this week


The name Stark comes across luckily with two great cinematic shows on this decade. The name of Stark is linked to the series of Marvels films on the last 11 years as well as it has a strong link to the famous Houses of Game of throne.

Tony Stark or Ironman is thought to be the godfather of Marvels studio productions throughout 11 years since the first Ironman in 2008. This personality is not seen as only a superhero but he means a lot for Marvel fans. The way Tony Stark affects the scenes of either Avengers, Captain America or Spiderman has crafted an enormous place in the hearts of fans.

Ironman has played the most dramatical character whenever they face an unbeatable enemy, Loki, Thanos or Ultron. These evil characters served well the magistrate performance that Tony Stark left us with. Tony Stark personality is linked deeply to Robert Downey, Jr. Most of the critics revealed that the last scene of this character was on Avengers: Endgame.

On the other hand, you may consider it as coincidence, the honorable famous House of Game of throne series was named House of Stark. The house of Stark always binds injuries seven kingdoms in Westeros. Lord Eddard Stark rebelled against the mad king to conquer the throne. Later, the house Stark and personally the lord Eddard stark gave a hand to kind of seven kingdoms, Rebert Baratheon in order to keep security around the kingdom.

Years after, the king Rebert Baratheon named the Lord Eddard Stark Hand of King. A conspiracy made by the hoise pf Lannister was sufficient to make an end to the Lord stark’s life. Out of these Castle’ splots, Eddard’s son, Robert Stark, rebelled against the Lannister Throne claiming himself the king of the North. Yet, crucial roles in the game of thrones series were that of Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and John Snow the bastard (illegitimate son) of house Stark.

The name of Starks’ house lasted a synonym of honor and purity in seven kingdoms. Arya Stark and John snow become great warriors well known in the North. Sansa Stark struggled to reach his father home, Winterfell. Last weak, it was the release of Game of Thrones: final season. Game of Thrones fans expected epic scenes and fights against White Walkers and Dragons of Daenerys Targaryen, death against humans. Thus the name of Stark lives great moments in the last 11 years.

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