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No matter what your creed
Or what your colour
No matter if you’re rich or poor
We walk the line, some end up in hell
Some get a bucket of fear

You tell me you’re on a fucking mission
Let me tell you, you are wrong
Who needs the word of your religion, for your perfect state

C’mon stop talking, so keep on walking
You got a sickness in mind
Don’t need your madness, so keep your sadness
I’ve got a ticket in mind

We’re on a death ride – we cannot wait much longer
We’re on a death ride – some of us take longer
We’re on a death ride – not only for the stronger
We’re on a death ride – feel the storm of hunger
We are all insane

Ride begins and we will
Leave the station
Leave behind temptation – and faith
Turn out the light – and say goodnight
Hello to – end of days

There never was a choice or decision
Let me tell – no other way
Never gonna be an intermission – you’re here to stay

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