UDO – When Love Becomes a Lie Lyrics, Song, MP3 Download

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There was so much around
I couldn’t take – no more
It hurt me inside
Didn’t wanna lose my mind

I had my time with you
I lost a life with you

All the words that you said
Didn’t wanna hear no more
A life on my own
Now I close the door

I had my lies with you
I lost my sight of you
I couldn’t fight for you
Couldn’t take it anymore

When love becomes a lie
Can’t hurt me anymore
Just a lie
You made it like a lie
Was just a lie
Has been a lie
Was it me – was it you
Was it just a waste of time – waste of time
When love becomes a lie

Never been there before
I had to take the fall
Stepped out on my own
I couldn’t be it all

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