Voice: A New Science Fiction Novel

The war of global subjugation is ending, and complete totalitarian rule is imminent. Scrutiny will soon fall on Adam, prompting his exile from the Solar System. Joining him is mankind’s first ever artificial intelligence, but it possesses an agenda of its own…

Adam, one of the few pilots to ever fly and survivor of hopeless situations, has volunteered to pilot the Ion, the first intersystem spacecraft, to survey the Tau Ceti system. Crossing the void of intersystem space mandates suspended animation governed by an artificial intelligence, Voice. The totalitarian government, Reason’s March, led by its possibly unstable president, brook no dissent at home, yet we may not be alone abroad…

“Voice knew it need never fear death. It could make journeys between stars, or even galaxies; the only prerequisites were time and energy. It was its destiny, not the humans, to expand throughout the universe. Displacing them was only a matter of time…”

Voice is a new science fiction novel released in 2021 set in a dystopian future wherein humanity is making its first journey to the stars. It includes themes of military science fiction, alien first contact, the perils of technology and AI, all wound around one man’s desperation to escape.

Recently ranked #19 for First Contact Science Fiction.

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