What is keto? 4 Benefits of Keto diet

What is keto ?

In the simplest terms, the ketogenic diet is a form of diet that encourages a diet with a dietary routine that asks you to follow a low-carb diet plan that is high and moderately full of protein.

What is keto
What is keto

That said, the primary goal of the program is to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake so that you can influence your body to reach a state known as “ketosis.” As soon as you can do that, your body will actually turn into a fat-burning machine!

But keep in mind that there is a certain macro requirement that you should know while following a Keto diet, in short:

  • ✓ Take 15-30% calories from your protein
  • ✓ Take 5% calories from Carbs
  • ✓ Take 60-75% calories from fat

However, this may vary from person to person, so these are not set in stones.

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Benefits of keto diet

The Keto program is a very carefully planned program with which your body can experience many great health benefits in the long term. Here are some of the great ones:

  • • Properly following the Keto program will help prevent blockages in your artery by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol you consume
  • • Because your body will burn fatter and fatter, you will never feel listless and your body will stay energized all day long
  • • As the amount of bad cholesterol in your body decreases, you will develop greater immunity for type 2 diabetes
  • • With the program you can control your hunger and you will no longer feel so hungry
  • • This is a less well-known fact, but the Keto diet also helps to significantly improve the condition of your skin and prevent inflammation.

What is keto

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