Who Actually owns Captain America Shield?

Captain America Shield?

Okay Marvel Fans, throughout the Marvel Comics Universe we there have been different answers as to who legally owns to Captain America Vibranium shield.

The historical heritage of Captain America Shield

  • • Howard Stark or Stark Industries since Howard bought the Vibranium & made the shield. Also Stark was the #1 weapons dealer for the US Military But Steve did ask why it wasn’t a standard issue.
  • • Romanoff said in Civil War it was the US Governments
  • • The Wakandans since Vibranium is their special resource & owns the world’s supply of Vibranium.
  • • Valentina Allegra de Fontaine says its technically not the US Government’s (even though she could be lying)

So in the MCU, who actually legally owns the shield?

Here’s my take:

  • Wakanda rightfully owns it, because they own the materials, which were then stolen and sold in the International Black Market.
  • Stark Industries legally owns it in the US after laundering the materials and money to make the shield.
  • Stark Industries is hired as a government contractor but the shield is not apart of Stark’s OFFICIAL Agreement Therefore Government is not entitled to it. (Unless any experimental developments are stipulated)
    –  Steve Rogers is GIFTED the shield by H. Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries. Therefore transfer of ownership is complete and legal.
  • Steve Rogers legally owns it, and GIFTs it to Sam Wilson who then GIFTs it to the Government.
  • The Government now legally owning the shield LEASES it out to John Walker.
  • Sam Wilson with help, change their mind and COERCE the Shield back from John Walker who LOSES it in battle, legal ownership does not change because it wasn’t written or verbally stated.
  • Summary: Rightful owner is Wakanda, US Legal Owner is the US Gov.

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Who Actually owns Captain America Shield?
New Captain America: the falcon

The real ownership of Falcon Shield

The ownership technically would go Howard Stark, Steve Rogers, The Ice for 70 years, Steve Rogers again, tony stark (who upgraded it with proto-adamantium, steve again then it was passed to sam. If we want to get really technical the shield belongs to stark industry’s, since tony is dead it would lie in peppers control.

Tell us your story Marvel Fan.

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Captain America Shield

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