Why Does My Cat Follow Me to the bathroom?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me to the bathroom?

Anyone WHO owns a cat is aware of these fur babies’ area unit ferociously freelance. Kitties like to dash off on their own, even once you are snuggling and arousal them simply the correct method. So, why will your pet implement stay shut once you are within the restroom, of all places? because it seems, this cat quirk truly makes tons of sense.

“Where cats area unit involved, the correct to privacy goes just one method. Theirs,” says Marty Becker, DVM, in a piece for Vet Street. however, do not suppose that your kitty is intrusive on this personal moment simply to harass you. “Cats continuously need to grasp what’s happening in their territory, and that they most likely need to create positive you don’t do something that may attract predators,” explains Dr. Becker.

It’s easy to forget that our spoiled cats would be thought of as each predator and prey if they lived within the wild. though cat predator behavior is documented a lot of typically — to elucidate why cats will not sleep at nighttime and why cats chirp as an example — their prey behavior is additionally necessary to recollect. After all, our felines area unit comparatively tiny in size compared to alternative creatures out there.

Other cat consultants recommend further reasons for your kitty’s strange obsession along with your restroom. “Cats most likely recognize that once we area unit on the bathroom, we tend to area unit a captive audience,” says cat research worker Mikel Delgado in AN interview with Inverse. “Nowadays, we tend to area unit therefore busy and distracted that several cats area unit most likely trying to find a chance to possess our undivided attention.” however are you able to say no to that?

As any feline fan is aware of, a cat solely desires warmheartedness on his or her terms — it’s ne’er surprising that he or she shows interest once your attention is elsewhere. What may be a lot of intriguing to a cat than a closed door? you’re keen on your kitty, therefore you open doors — each virtually and figuratively — for your pet all the time.

Veterinarian Kathryn Primm, DVM, sums it up like this: “Vulnerability, curiosity, and resource price will all be explanations, but really, everybody with a cat is aware of the important answer. Cats area unit contrarians. it’s in their deoxyribonucleic acid to require what they can not have.”
Hard to argue with that!

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