Why Google Doodle Celebrates Biologist Anne McLaren?

Why Google Doodle Celebrates Biologist Anne McLaren?

The Biologist Anne McLaren

Dame Anne Laura Dorinthea McLaren, DBE, FRS, FRCOG was a British scientist who was a leading figure in developmental biology. Born in 1927, McLaren lived through unusual circumstances as a child: she played a bit part in the 1936 H.G. Wells sci-fi movie The Shape of Things to Come, a fictional activity that inspired a lifelong love of the practical sciences. Her work helped lead to human in vitro fertilisation. She received many honours for her contributions to science, including her appointment as an officer of the Royal Society.

Why Google Doodle Celebrates Biologist Anne McLaren?

Why Google Doodle Celebrates Biologist Anne McLaren?

Monday celebrations of Google Doodle the 94th birthday honored the biologist Anne McLaren. The Google Doodle says, “While the subjects of her research were tiny, the implications of their study proved massive.”

In the 1950s, McLaren worked with mice to further understand the biology of mammalian development. Dame McLaren discovered a way to grow mammal embryos in lab cultures. In 1958, Anne’s researches were published. the work laid the foundation for in-vitro fertilization 20 years later, along with new research techniques.

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The Biologist Anne McLaren hoped to see children loving sciences. later on, in 1994 the British Biologist McLaren nominated to be president of the British science association for the advancement in biological sciences. During her role as president, McLaren aimed to make the topics of science, engineering and technology accessible to everyone across the UK.

What Google Doodle said about Anne McLaren?

Google said: “Today’s Doodle celebrates the 94th birthday of British scientist and author Anne McLaren, who is widely considered one of the most significant reproductive biologists of the 20th century.

“Her fundamental research on embryology has helped countless people realize their dreams of parenthood.”

“Happy birthday, Anne McLaren. Thank you for all your incredible work and for inspiring many new generations to come because of it,”

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